Rogers' Rescues Preapproved Adopters

Getting ready to adopt, but aren't sure which dog you'll bond with?

Looking for something specific that you can't find on Petfinder?

Our Preapproved Adopters list is for you!

You fill out an adoption application and go through the approval process. Once you've been approved to adopt from us, we'll send you an email each time we have a new adoptable dog available. If you're interested in any dog that you see, just contact us and we'll put you in touch with the foster home to determine whether it's a match. It's that simple!

Some important notes:

  • Being on our preapproved list does not guarantee that you'll be able to adopt any dog you see. A couple of things could happen: the dog might have more than one interested family, or the dog might not be a good match for your family. Our foster homes are invested in making sure that a dog's forever home is right for them. We're happy when we complete an adoption. We're thrilled when we get an update and learn that your new dog is the perfect fit and everyone is getting along nicely. This is our goal for every dog and every adopter!
  • You can stay on the preapproved list for as long as you want. You can opt-out whenever you want.
  • We ask that you not forward our announcements about dogs to other potential adopters--for the first few days, these dogs are available ONLY to preapproved adopters.