Before you adopt

Some things to think about before you adopt

Most of our volunteers are also adopters of Rogers’ Rescues dogs. So we know the anxiety when “waiting to hear.” Although Rogers’ Rescues is 100% staffed by volunteers, we do our best to communicate with you frequently and keep you updated on the status of your application. Here are some tips.

Do Your Homework
Research the dog breeds that interest you. Research possible trainers. Your local veterinarian may be able to offer suggestions. Get ready for the upcoming adoption.

Be Flexible
Certain breeds are very popular and will generate several applications. If the dog you are interested in is adopted before you finish the application process, please recognize there will be others. It is easy to feel like each dog you read about is the right dog for you and that if it doesn’t work out you will never find another dog. Stick with us. We will help you find the right dog at the right time.

Share The Facts
Don’t worry about answering every interview question "correctly". Concentrate on providing honest information about your lifestyle. You may think the puppy on Petfinder is really really cute, but does your lifestyle support frequent potty breaks/accidents, sleepless nights, and constant chewing? The more information we have and the more realistic and honest you are with your experience level, expectations, and household needs, the better equipped we are to help you!

Be Patient
Rogers’ Rescues is an all-volunteer group. Most of us work full-time and care for families in addition to volunteering. We recognize you are very excited about bringing a new dog into your family, so we try to do everything to expedite the process.

Join the Club
Once you have completed our adoption process, you will be added to our pre-approved list. You will be among those who receive first notice of new dogs – before they are put on Petfinder. If you see a dog of interest, respond to the email and we will connect you with the foster home to learn more about the dog and to see if there is a match.